Unique Camping Experience in Kinnaur

One fruit that is responsible to have changed and influenced human experience in this world and, again, the modern world immensely, is nothing but APPLE—first, when Eve had a taste of it even after knowing it is forbidden, and secondly, when Steve Jobs brought in his most cherished product in the form of Apple i-Phone and other Apple products which kind of revolutionized the domain of mobile device technology. In a way, apple has thus been a much-talked-about name and entity—sometimes grudgingly and sometimes with sheer fondness.

So, when my good friend Prithvi Raj Negi—the generous soul behind Hotel Grand Sambala, Kalpa— introduced me to a very polite gentleman in the midst of the din of Sangla market, Vijender Ji, little had I thought about how a brief visit to his property could possibly change my experience of camp staying.

Apple Orchard Farm and Camping is a pure bliss in the background of awesome Sangla valley where the rumbling Baspa River flows next to it—a 5-minute walk in reality—and plays sweet music to ears. You enter the lush green camp site where well-groomed orchard is full of healthy amount of low-hanging fruits. Unless you have previous experience of such a sight, it is enough to make someone awestruck. After you get tuned to the surroundings, the next thing to draw attention is very thoughtfully planned setup of well-endowed Swiss tents offering a lot of space in-between and much needed privacy which are generally ignored in many camp sites here in India. This strait itself makes Apple Orchard distinguished among its rank. Tents are big enough and adequately provided with modern amenities; there is little room to complaint about. Very clean interior, fresh linen, provision of hot water in washroom, good food, smiling faces of your hosts all around, warm hospitality—it would be safe to say anyone will have tough time to finding out faults in overall staying experience with Apple Orchard. Also, indulge a campfire by night—that is something which is absolutely not to miss if weather permits.

A wise man from travel industry and a good friend of mine once told, “A property is as good as its owner and the people who are managing it”. Meet Mr. Vijender from Apple Orchard, and most certainly, no further explanation is needed to support this. His careful pick of facilities in the property, well-thought-about planning of every intricate details by keeping client’s preferences in mind—all have contributed to bring the farm to its present-day stature. I personally thanked the Chef of the kitchen for simple yet tasteful selection of fabulous dishes for our lunch and that too, on a brief notice.

Visit Apple Orchard to have a slice of abundant joy and experience a somewhat unique definition of camp stay in India.

Written by: Tapas Panda from Banglore

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